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Existing Industy

Like much of rural Kansas, Harper County’s economy was built a century ago upon agriculture and livestock, and its small-town merchants. Life has changed, however, and thriving Kansas communities have adapted, to an economy that now includes technology-based manufacturing for the information age.

Harper County boasts a large and diversified manufacturing base of more than 20 firms, ranging in size from several employees to over 100. With a workforce of nearly 3,000, Harper County employees are highly educated, productive and efficient. The 30-mile labor pool is about 24,000, and the 45 mile labor pool is over 100,000, including much of Sedgwick County and the city of Wichita. Kansas is a right-to-work state, and there are no union shops in Harper County.

The larger companies are:

Attica Engineering, Attica, 12 employees, specialty machine tooling, including the aircraft industry.

Central Electropolishing, Anthony, 35 employees, specialty finishing, polishing and cleaning of metal products.

Cox Machine, Harper, 45 employees, fabrication and machine tooling of aircraft components.
Elkhorn Valley Packing, Harper, 110 employees, meat processing.

Harper Industries, Harper, 90 employees, manufacturer of landscaping and agricultural equipment.

Prairie Belting, Anthony, 40 employees, manufacturer of rubber belting for agricultural, industrial and other equipment.
Other major public sector employers in Harper County include two hospitals, two school districts, the County of Harper, and the cities of Anthony, Attica and Harper.

Blanchat Mfg, Inc is in Harper KS It is owned and managed by firemen. Where function, safety, and user-friendly equipment is the top priority.

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